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Essential No 3

The Pause between each stroke must vary with the amount time it takes for the line to straighten.

 I am almost tempted not to write anything by way of explanation, I mean, come on, thats a pretty obvious statement. The more line you have out the longer it takes to straighten so the longer you have to wait before starting the next stroke. 

 So WTF do I see so many casters who have no concept of pausing?. Buggered if I know.

 I think it all ties in with cadence. Some casters only have one speed, tick tock ( that bloody clock again!). And like a stopped clock they are going to be right twice a day but the rest of the time they will be wrong. The same  also applies to the previous Essential, variable casting angle.

 How often do you see casters on a bank whipping the rod back and forward unable to increase the amount of line they are carrying, or if they do shoot some line while false casting they don’t wait for it to straighten so they are finally casting a huge horizontal S and the loops get bigger and bigger until the final mighty heave when the whole lot lands in a heap twenty feet in front of them.

 Come on guys. Casting works best when there is tension in the line and the line is tautest when it is straight so let the bloody thing straighten. There is so much less effort required to cast if you allow the proper pause between strokes.

 I’m basically lazy, I don’t want to thrash a rod back and forth and get nowhere I just want to flick a nice loop back, wait for it to straighten and flick it forward again. What could be simpler.

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