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No doubt you are as surprised to find yourself here as I was to find you rumaging around my blog. As you see, no salacious gossip here, only the gentle art of flycasting and flyfishing. I’m sorry if it’s not your thing but if it is then you are more than welcome to hang around.

For those of you that actually mean to be here but find the above a bit confusing then have a look here http://www.hecklerspray.com/webthump-monday-9-february-2009/200920312.php so that I can return the compliment.

The person responsible for traumatising two entirely different demographics is my son.

So, what did I get up to this weekend?. I actually had a rod in my hand for two whole days. I went up to Chez Arden to attend one of Pauls excellent ‘intermediate and above’ courses and some of us stayed over to have a shootout on Sunday.

What did I learn?, well, I’m not casting fit for one thing. I have not done any serious distance practice since I decided to go for my CCI, so maybe eighteen months or so. Although I am reasonably fit in a general sense I am most definately not casting fit and I have the aches to prove it.

Now, don’t let me put you off casting ‘normally’ there is not a lot of fitness required for that, the worst you are going to suffer is a sore wrist or arm and most of that is from gripping the rod too hard or not being relaxed enough. You don’t have to be big and muscled to cast distance, I have several friends who would get blown away in a decent wind but can still out cast me (occasionally), but you do need to be casting fit and the only way to do that is to get out there and cast. Don’t go mad, I have given myself more than one serious elbow problem by over doing it, if it starts to hurt stop. If you do injure yourself let it heal properly before you start casting again.

I also learned that I have forgotten a lot of stuff. Now, that’s not an entirely bad thing because, hopefully, some of what I have forgotten was not worth knowing in the first place and I can replace it with stuff that is worth knowing. Only time will tell.

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