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Keep It Real

I sometimes wonder if I live in an alternative existence. I cast mainly on grass, which we all know isn’t real casting. I have taken to smoking electronic cigarettes, which we all know isn’t real smoking, and I own a Chihuahua, which we all know isn’t a real dog. I don’t look deeper than that because I may find a lot of the things I do aren’t real, like my fishing, which is mostly imaginary.

However, they all perform a function which keeps me (mainly) happy and sane. Casting on grass keeps me tuned up, allows me to work things out and often gives me some wind down time after a hectic day. The electronic cigarettes have saved me a shit load of money, don’t stink the house out and (until proved otherwise) are better for my health. The not quite dog is also good for me (I am sitting here quietly cooling down after taking him for a long walk).

Of course these alternatives do have some down sides. Spey casting on grass is very far from being the same as doing it on water. For the first time ever I have been frustrated by the weather because the only place locally I can practice speys  on water has been unusable because the river is running too high to get to the spots I can wade. I may have found a still water but I am waiting for conformation I won’t be seen as a potential poacher and suddenly have the police turn up to arrest me.

Electronic cigarettes have to be charged up and I occasionally revert to the real thing while I am waiting, and, why are they charged via a USB which means I must have the computer on to charge them? Especially as I smoke the most while on the computer in the first place.

The down side to owning a Chihuahua is trying to remember how to spell it. Apart from that it’s nearly all good. Nearly.

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