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I’m enjoying learning to fish again, I had forgotten just how frustrating bloody trout can be. You have great success one day and think you have them sussed out, go the next day and they refuse to cooperate. Bastards. At the moment I get most fish on sedged dries. Not one fly is consistent though, catch two fish and that’s it, they won’t look at that fly again on that day. Change fly and chances are I will get another couple, often in consecutive casts, then nothing again, until I put a new fly on. At some point they wise up and stop taking a moving fly and may fall for a static one, but not too often. Ok, let’s go sub surface, and here is where the problem starts. What are they feeding on? There is no hatch going on, that I can see. They are feeding on something, I just can’t work out what. This may sound like a bit of a whinge, it’s not meant to be one, I am actually enjoying trying to work out what they are after. I have been quite successful so far, I haven’t blanked, yet. That’s not the point though, I really would like to get a better hang on what they are feeding on. I’m not the only one who is mystified, thank goodness, I would hate to be the only gay in the village! I tied up some lures from my early days, Black Lure, Whisky Fly, some Matukas in various colours, Muddlers and took some poppers I tied up for Asp on Balaton a few years ago. Right, you buggers, cop some of this. The Muddlers and poppers showed some promise, exciting bow waves, long chases, but no takes. The sum total was one fish to a Whisky and one to a Black Lure. Back to head scratching.

Knots, four turns Mike, four, said Will. And as simple as that the problem is solved, Thanks Will. I have also found a knot, or loop really, that I now use for buzzers so they hang in a more natural way and I am convinced it’s caught me fish that I otherwise wouldn’t have. It’s a busy time with shed building and stuff, I retire soon and need a proper man cave so I can disappear from under Heathers feet now and then,  so tying flies is not on at the moment but I am looking forward to working out what those bloody fish are eating and tying something to take them on.


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