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Essential No 4

In order for the rod tip to move in a straight line you must apply power in a smooth acceleration from RSP to RSP.

 To keep a rod loaded correctly you have to apply a continuous force to it…continuously! right up to the moment you stop applying force anyway, that’s called the stop.

 Acceleration through the stroke has to do just that, accelerate. It’s not a 10, 10, 10 thing it’s a 5, 10, 20 thing. You start slow and finish fast, a bit like sex.

 So, what happens if you don’t apply power properly?, usually the tip rises as the rod tries to unload prematurely ( I wish I hadn’t mentioned sex now). That puts a buckle in SLP and hey presto you have just tailed. Or, you apply too much power too soon and the tip drops below SLP and then rises as the system reaches some sort of equilibrium, bingo, you just tailed again.

 At the other end of the scale if you don’t apply enough power the rod tip will not flatten enough and it will describe a dome shaped path and you will have wide loops.

 I was going to use a Goldilocks and the three bears analogy but I think we have had enough sex for one day don’t you?


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