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Winter Blues

Ok, I admit it, I am completely fed up with winter, enough is enough. I just long for the days when I can just grab a rod and pop down to the field for an hour or two without getting wet or freezing my nuts off. I get a bit stir crazy at this time of year anyway but it seems worse this year. Never mind, spring is just around the corner, the snowdrops are nearly out and Barack Obama is President, things can only get better, can’t they?.

 The casting year will start a bit earlier than usual this year because the BFCC will be holding their first event at the Spring Show at Newark at the end of February. This might seem like a good thing to you but if you had the opportunity to go to Los Roques bonefishing for a week or standing in a cold, wet and windy field in Newark which one would you choose?. Yeah?, well I chose the other one, out of loyalty to the BFCC. I must be bloody mad!. If you come to the show pop over and say hello and have a cast.


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