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Oh dear me, what have I started?. A Blog is a bit of a two edged sword, on the one hand I find it quite theraputic to just sit and write whatever comes into my head on the other it’s a bit of a responsability to keep new content coming, after all I have at least one viewer to entertain even if it’s only my wife. Well this will bore her stiff, I want to discuss technical stuff, or rather my inability to understand much of it.

 Very often on the Sexyloops board we get into deep discussion about the minutia of an aspect of a cast. I mean something that happens in a micro second can take twenty pages of debate to end up with no conclusion but we have a clearer picture, if that makes sense. Or, the answers to the original question throw up some interesting questions of their own and the thread goes off on a tangent or two. Now all this if fine until one or two of the ‘techies (and you know who you are) join in and we enter the surreal world of the engineer and numbers start replacing words. I find hard mathematical fact hard to digest, I’m more a gut feeling sort of person. My casting is based on observation and practice not scientific analysis and consequently I can find myself at odds with some of the replies with no way To refute them because I don’t understand them. Mind you I am filled with admiration for those who do reply in an intelligent way but it is often tinged with jealousy that they understood what they were replying to in the first place.

 One of the few technical questions I do enjoy debating is double hauling, if I see those words in a question I am in there like a rat up a drain pipe. The double haul is one of the aspects of casting that can appear quite mysterious in how it actually works. I know how it works, I have the absolute certainty of a true poet.

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