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I Saw A Little Fishy

I went for another walk along the river today. This time I went a mile or so downstream of the factories. The river is in the best condition I have ever seen it, almost chalk stream clear. I saw some fish, not many, but at least I saw some. It would be an almost perfect trout stream, except there aren’t any trout. I spotted a lone Perch and not a very big one, not big enough to be solitary but unfortunately it was. I spotted a small shoal of Chub but not the bigger ones I have seen in the past. I did catch a glimpse of something of a reasonable size but we spotted each other at the same time and he melted away. I saw three or four dozen May Flies, I even managed to catch one. Three or four dozen may not seem a lot in the scheme of things but to me it was magic, I have never seen one on this river until yesterday. I saw several laying eggs so it looks promising for the future. I also saw a few mid sized olives coming off, again something I can’t remember seeing before. It’s a shame there are no trout to rise to them. Absolutely no sign of the shoals of small stuff I used to see. I will have to take regular walks along the river in future and see what transpires. I will take a fly rod and see if I can tempt a Chub or two. I found a few places I can get in and practice switch casting but there are no places wide enough to do any kind of change of direction casts.

Talking about casting, I have been out practicing with a 27g head. The BFCC are introducing it to replace the nine weight event we used to have. If anyone is interested Mike Barrio has the lines for the job, you get two in one. Cut it in the right place and you get two versions, one slightly longer than the other. You will need a set of scales because it will need to be weighed and cut to get it right. I suggest 26g or 26.5g to make sure you are within the regulations. I am getting quite good results from a 10′ eight weight rod but I think a ten weight or more might be better. That’s the beauty of this event, you can make up an outfit to suit yourself (within limits) the rules are now up on www.thebfcc.co.uk .

Talking of which we (the BFCC) have their next event in Ashford next weekend. Come and have a go.


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  1. Can’t make Ashford, but will makew every effort to see you in Oswestry. Keep looking for those fish, everything seems a bit late this year – House Martins, Swallows etc.

    Comment by Ni. Rogers | May 29, 2013 | Reply

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