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Where Have All The Fishies Gone

I have just come in from taking Albert for a walk. We often go via a route that allows me to walk half a mile of the river Stour where it boundaries farm land on one side and a perfume and food processing factory on the other. It looks, on the face of it, perfect. Deep runs, shallow riffles, gravel beds and four or five kinds of water weed beginning to grow quite profusely. I didn’t see any hatch but there were swarms of tiny flies just above the surface of the water. I was hit in the face by what may have been a sedge fly and, right upstream, I saw three May Flies, which I got quite excited about because I have never seen a May Fly on this river. I saw several Pied Wagtails flitting over the surface and a swan serenely…swanning about. You may notice something missing…fish. All the way to just beyond the last culvert that brings water in from the factories I never saw a single fish. Not the shoals of little Roach or Dace that are always over the gravel, nor any Pike lurking in ambush places. Nothing. Not until I got passed the last culvert and I spotted four Chub, not big, just a pound or so, but they were the first signs of anything fishy I had seen. I used to know this part of the river quite well, I worked for a while for a company that did the maintenance at the factories and I often used to go to certain spots to watch the Perch and good sized Roach and once even saw a Brown Trout. I don’t know if the fish have all been pushed out by all the flooding we had last year and over the winter or whether it’s something to do with the factories. I know they have to sample the water quite frequently and I would have expected the rules and regulations to be much more stringent than they were back in the seventies when I worked there so I am slightly baffled about the lack of fish. Next time I will go further down stream, below the factories, and see what’s happening. In recent years there has been a good head of Chub with a few in the four or five pound category. I hope they are still there.


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  1. drag some nymphs along the bottom or edges, Mike… 😉

    Comment by Marc Fauvet | May 26, 2013 | Reply

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