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Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be

Perhaps I am in the wrong game, or the wrong part of it. When I reflect back on my fishing life I don’t get the same warm romantic/nostalgic feeling for trout fishing as I do for coarse fishing. I haven’t been coarse fishing for years so perhaps it’s a bit like looking back on summer holidays as a kid when it was always hot and sunny…when it obviously wasn’t…or perhaps it was..you never know with Global Warming being what it is…or isn’t. Anyway, when I think about my coarse fishing days it’s the mist on the water, the sunrise, the bubbles around the lilies as the tench rooted about, night fishing with a float that always seemed to be moving around. I have had a mole dig his way up between my legs because I hadn’t moved for hours. I have had Kingfishers on my rod, water rats within a foot or two. I had time to look up and smell the daisies. Fly fishing by comparison is all go, as Viking Lars says ‘you have to concentrate at all times’. The first time I fly fished a river (not that many years ago) I was astonished at how busy I was. No sooner had I cast upstream than the damn fly was back at my feet and I had to cast again..and again..and again. Bloody hard work if you ask me. At least on still water there is time to light a cigarette between casts, even smoke the damn thing occasionally. What I don’t miss is the dragging of a hundred weight of rods, tackle box, umbrella and bags of ground-bait and bait for miles to get to a good spot. Perhaps that’s why I saw so much wild life, I was too exhausted to move much once I had reached the spot. In coarse fishing you could bring the fish to you. Not so with fly fishing, you have to go and find them, which on several hundred acres of reservoir can be quite daunting if not damn nigh impossible at times, especially if, like me, you only fish them occasionally. In the ‘good old days’ when I used to fish Bewl every week I knew where to go, I knew the plot. These days I look at the vastness and wonder what the hell I am doing there.

I will never be a great fisherman because it’s never been about how many or how big, it’s just the pleasure of being there, but ‘having to concentrate at all times’ sort of takes away some of that just being there experience… and I miss that.


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  1. good points there Mike. when fishing and ‘in the zone’, i could be in the most beautiful place on earth and i wouldn’t know it. it wasn’t easy, but i’ve learned to make up for this by taking ‘forced’ breaks (winding in all the line and putting the rod down, removing the polaroïds to stop scanning, lighting a fire, etc, etc.)
    i’ll take it easy on the trip to and fro as well, be it by car or foot to be able to take in the scenery. of course, having a camera is the best “excuse’ for taking a break.
    hey, i don’t have a definite plan yet but i should be coming up your way within a month or so. it would be so good to catch up ! i’ll be in touch.

    Comment by Marc Fauvet | January 15, 2013 | Reply

  2. That’ll be good Marc. There’s always a bed here if you need it.

    Comment by Mike Heritage | January 15, 2013 | Reply

  3. Hi Mike

    As another old coarse fisher, I can tell you there’s ways of getting into the same trance 😎 Concentrate at all times are only for people with incontinence 😉


    Comment by Lasse Karlsson | January 15, 2013 | Reply

  4. Could not agree with you more Mike.

    Comment by Alan | January 15, 2013 | Reply

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