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Does two years on the trot count as a tradition? I hope not. I don’t want to have to get up every Christmas morning and write something on here. It just so happens I was awake with at least two hours to kill before there are any signs of life in the household. Well, me and Albert are awake, or he was before he fell asleep on my lap to leave me in peace while I tap away.

It’s raining…so what’s new? I often dream that when I win the lottery I will buy a house with a lake or river, or both. But seeing the floods on the news this year may make me revise my dream. Once is bad enough but recently it seems to have been every other week for some poor people and it’s especially tragic at this time of year.

This last year was, for me, quite a hectic one. For some reason I found myself doing something fly casting/fishing related nearly every weekend from February right through to July or August. Everything except fishing. I have tried to work out how many times I actually went and it may be as little as five times. That’s bad, even by my standards.

I popped my demonstrating cherry at the spring show at Detling thanks to Charles Jardine being unavailable. I did another one at Peterborough, thanks to several people being unavailable!. The IFFF event in Munich was a blast, great location and great people. Scotland was great (twice) and Wales and Southern Ireland and so were the various places I cast in England. If I had never got caught up in this fly casting lark I would never have gone to any of these places or met such a group of wonderful people.

The highlight was only a few weeks ago when we had the first meeting of the, as yet unnamed, group of fellow instructors at Reading. I was astonished at the support and very grateful to everyone who made the effort to be there. There will be a piece about it in the January issue of Eat, Sleep, Fish. The one benefit of the group is that I may actually get to do some fishing. There’s a novelty.

Have a Happy Christmas and a successful New Year. I hope Santa was kind


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  1. Dad, you spent the first 15 years of my life trying to find ways of avoiding getting up early on Christmas morning despite 2 excited children wanting to open presents (such as changing the times on all the clocks in the house, evil bastard) but now you are up at 6am to write a blog?!

    You’ve changed old man, you’ve changed.

    Comment by Peter Heritage | December 25, 2012 | Reply

  2. So have you Pete….thank God.

    Comment by Mike Heritage | December 25, 2012 | Reply

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