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AAPGIA Days Are Here Again

No, don’t read anything into the title, it just popped into my head along with the song ‘Happy days are here again’. The fact that I have just spent a happy weekend with the AAPGIA boys in Caer Beris is purely co-incidental. Wales in the Autumn is beautiful, a shame that I drove through most of it in the dark yesterday morning but I had an eyeful of the autumnal colours on the way home this afternoon. I was even witness to an avenue of trees deciding that that was the moment to shed all their leaves at the same moment and I drove through a blizzard of gently falling leaves. There wasn’t even a breath of wind either.

It goes without saying that I enjoyed myself. I always do when I get together with other people who share the same passion as me. It’s also a bit humbling to realise that I still have a mountain to climb to reach the standards of casting I saw on display. I wasn’t going to mention names but one little 15 minute demo on presentation casts by Gary Champion just left me in total awe, fuck, how did he do that? I have got to learn that stuff.

Now, you and I know I don’t often mix casting with water. I mean, what are cricket fields for if not to cast in? I can do all sorts of fancy casts on grass but add water, and running water at that, and you have a recipe for humiliation. I was graped. There were a bunch of them lined up for their turn to (sometimes) kick me into shape. Luckily I had waders on and they didn’t so I could retreat from the onslaught of advice I was receiving by going out into the river. Not that it stopped them. ‘Lift it higher”, ”pause then sweep”, ”you dipped”, ” relax your hand”, ”you’re using the wrist again”. Out of all this I will take the bits than worked and get rid of the bits that don’t and I will nail that bloody cast. ‘Kin water, how ironic that it is not only the stuff my prey live in I work with the damn stuff as well. It was also illuminating to be on the receiving end of instruction rather than giving it. Food for thought all round.

One of the outcomes of all this is that those of you who are going to join the group I am forming are in for a bloody treat. I have had several offers of help from both AAPGIA and GIAC instructors and you would be mad not to take advantage of the opportunities that this will provide. Not only will those of us already certified learn a huge amount those of you preparing for certification could end up as the best prepared candidates this country has seen for ages. I have to say I am getting quite excited by the prospect.

Special well done to Bernd Ziesche on passing his AAPGIA Masters and to all the other candidates who passed their assessments.

Oh, and a big, big thank you to all who made me so welcome this weekend.

Right, back to work. Lift, pause, sweep, circle up/plant the anchor, pause/ deliver. Can you name that cast yet?


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  1. Sounds like a complicated switchcast/jump roll/single spey without change of direction/ underhand cast/ thing…. who taught you all those words?

    Chuffed you had a good time!


    Comment by Lasse Karlsson | October 21, 2012 | Reply

  2. Great stuff Mike!

    Comment by Mike Barrio | October 21, 2012 | Reply

  3. I had a lesson on the Sunday morning too Mike….there’s a ‘kin long way to go man…phewwee…I was proper humbled.

    Comment by stoatstail50 | October 22, 2012 | Reply

    • Thought you handled it very well mate 😉

      Comment by Keith | October 24, 2012 | Reply

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