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Singing In The Rain

Fly fishers are nice, if a little excentric, even odd. I mean where else would you find the man you had been teaching all morning turn from a right hander to a left hander after a cup of tea and a biscuit and you had to start all over again? Mark and I did a casting clinic for the Canterbury and district angling association yesterday morning (Easter Sunday) and despite being a bit wet and miserable (the weather, not the people) we had quite a nice turnout and a thoroughly enjoyable morning. Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and to CADAA for their hospitality.

I am finally beginning to enjoy this Instructor stuff. It’s taken a while for me to be totally comfortable with it though. After some of the ideas thrown up on the Sexyloops board I have become a bit more adventurous and willing to experiment with my approach a bit. I’m not sure if it is successful yet, but I didn’t see any glazed over expressions, which is a hopeful sign.

Being by the river all morning reminded me I haven’t been fishing for a while, which also reminded me I haven’t done what I set out to do over the winter, tie a box of flies to be proud of. I somehow got sidetracked. It must have been sudden because there is a half finished fly in the vice with the bobbin holder still dangling from it. I wonder what it was supposed to be? Does anyone know a good tying for the just to emerge Mayfly. They have a very distinctive shape and I intend to get to Powder Mill next month during the Mayfly hatch. I have noticed the fish have a preference for taking the nymph just before it reaches the surface. The spinner sometimes works but they seem to leave the just hatched fly alone for some reason.

My distance casting is beginning to improve just in time for the Sexyloops gathering in Scotland next month, I popped a 129′ the other day and I am starting to pepper the mid one twenties on a regular basis. Part of the reason may just be we seem to have lost the dead air conditions we had for a few weeks and we have returned to normal spring conditions, grey, damp and miserable. It was liable to happen though as we have been declared a drought area and have had a hose pipe ban imposed which normally means it will rain from now until next September!



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