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Here We Go Again

Oh dear, I’m back on the distance trail again. I thought I had got away from me against a tape measure, but no, here we go again. There is a good reason, which I won’t go into just yet (no I’m not practicing for the World Championships). I haven’t done much distance other than the odd cast before finishing practicing on other stuff for ages. If I was organised I would have a little black book of all the little things I have learned over the years, but I’m not organised, so I haven’t. I have to re-learn a lot of it. Then there the problem that I am using a line I am unfamiliar with. Lines can take quite a while to work out. When I first started distance casting the benchmark line was Scientific Anglers XXD. Just as I got used to it they modified it to the Mastery Expert Distance (MED for short) and it took me ages to get used to it. The MED is not stocked in the UK anymore and even if it was it is a ridiculous price, about £75 the last time I looked. When I was practicing a lot I used to get through five or six a year because they used to crack up around the carry/haul point. My dilemma is that I don’t know if why I can’t get beyond 124′ at the moment is because I am out of practice and not casting as well as I should be or I haven’t worked out the line yet. I suspect it’s more me than the line at this point though because I have steadily improved over the weekend  from a base of around 115′. Not to be sniffed at of course but it is a bit galling when a couple of years ago I would have expected mid to high 120’s pretty much whenever I wanted, if the conditions were good. I will also dig through my line drawer and see if I have and MED lying around and then I will have a little competition against the line I am using. Whatever happens the practice won’t be wasted, not that practice is ever wasted. It’s casting season again and the first competition is only three weeks away. It would be nice to show the young up and comers that there is life in the old dog yet.

I have also been getting up to speed on the new FFF CCI casting assessment for the workshop Mark and I will be holding in Germany next month. There have been a couple of interesting changes and the expectations seem clearer than when I took it. I ran through all the casts. I think I would still pass it.


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  1. I started doing all my practice with the Barrio because it’s cheaper to wreck them rather than the MED, saving the later for competition day. However, when I now cast them back to back guess which one goes further – the one I pactice most with! I’m therefore going to use the Barrio at this years BFCC events. Incidentally, my practice is going crap too – I’ve managed to hit some mid-120’s but that was with a #5 strung through my #12!

    Comment by James Evans | March 13, 2012 | Reply

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