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Cuba pt 2

I’m back and I can now add Cuba to my ever-growing list of countries I have been to and never caught a fish. I never saw the Bones again although I admit I did go looking for them and, if circumstances had been good, ie, no-one around,  I would have had a shot at them. I only wanted one! There is a lesson here somewhere,  number one is probably don’t let your wife book you a fishing holiday, even if she really has the best of intentions (which I know she did). However, we did have a very nice holiday and now I need to get back to work to pay for it.

I have to ask myself if nearly tripping over a Bonefish and then seeing several more just an hour after being told I couldn’t fish for them (legally) was co-incidence or Gods way of having a laugh at my expense. Especially as a I never saw another one in the next four days. I did see some other nice sized fish but I don’t know what species they were.

Why  they don’t allow someone to buy a weekly permit to fish is a mystery to me, I would happily have paid two or three hundred quid for one, especially after having seen the fish.

On our last day in Havana we somehow hooked up with a local who spoke good English (I think we were asking people if they could point us in the direction of a particular place we wanted to go to) and we had a couple of hours of rapid sight-seeing and a had a bit of an in site to the real Cuba thrown in. One strange (but apparently true) fact is that it is illegal for them to grow mint. It is used to make Mojihitos which is a drink the tourists buy, the locals can’t afford it. If the locals could grow their own mint they might cause a crash in the price of Mojihito’s and the Hemingway bars might go out of business (just a guess), anyway he thoroughly enjoyed the couple I bought him, which cost the equivalent of two weeks of his wages!

Now it’s back to the reality of my world where I will look on the huge clump of mint growing in my garden with an entirely new perspective.


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