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Cuba Pt1

Hola muchachos, I am sitting by the pool
after a nice lunch which included a Bucanero or two or three and as chilled as
you can get with temperatures in the mid thirties. If I get unchilled I can
always flop into the pool right next to me. We are on Cayo Largo at the other
end of Cuba, the other end from Havana that is. This is the holiday we are
celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary on. Heathers idea was that I would have a
couple of days with a guide to fish the flats for bonefish, something I have
always wanted to do. She couldn’t book the days as part of the package but was
told it wouldn’t be a problem, we could book them in Cuba. I did send a few
emails to the company that does the guiding but all I got was a garbled message
that I could hire a guide for 1800 euros for three days. Mmm, I thought, some
sort of mix up here, that must include the flight and the accommodation which I
had told them I didn’t need as I was already going to be there. Never mind, I
would sort it once I was there. Yesterday we went off to find the marina and we
eventually found the office of the company and discovered the awful truth. It
wasn’t 1800 euros for three days it as 1800 euros for one day and even if we had
the money (which we didn’t) we couldn’t book it from inside Cuba, it has to
booked from outside the country as a package. The whole of southern cuba has
been designated a marine park and the fishing is restricted to one company. It
would be illegal for me to just go and fish from my hotel beach. To be honest I
wasn’t that surprised, all it means is that I can now add Cuba to a long list of
countries I haven’t caught a fish in. Heather was more disappointed than me, she
has to put up with me for two days longer than she was planning on.
After we got back to our hotel we decided to go to the beach rather than
laze around the pool. I did a bit of snorkelling but had enough after half an
hour and as I waded out of the water I nearly tripped over a three foot bloody
Bonefish that was just cruising along the breaker line picking up whatever it is
bonefish pick up in the breakerline and then I spotted a couple more and then
four more. Talk about adding insult to injury! I couldn’t believe how close they
were to the shore. Their were people sitting in the water and the damn things
were swimming between them and the shore with barely any water above their backs.
I followed several as they cruised along, I even got ahead of them and ambushed
them with the camera, several came within five feet before veering around me.
I hadn’t seen any on the previous day when there was hardly any swell and
the breakers were only six to twelve inches but we had a storm that night and
the swell had increased to twelve to twenty four inches which was enough to stir
the sand as they broke and the bones were just cruising on the edge of the sand
Of course I am now very tempted to get up really early one morning and get
to the beach before anyone else and have a surreptitious chuck at one or two.
Apparently if I get caught I will be in some serious shit.
Watch this space,
Hasta la vista

August 18, 2011 - Posted by | fly casting, Mike Heritage

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  1. Cuba Pt 1 – Hey Mike, for gods sake don’t get caught illegal fishing – the live stock in those foreign nicks are less than friendly, there are even rumours that they keep humans in there as well. Hope the rest of the holiday went well. Congrats to you both on the 40th.

    A recent recruit to the BFCC
    (we met at Wrexham)


    Comment by Nigel Rogers | August 19, 2011 | Reply

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