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He Said What!!

I should have posted my last piece about how to cast a long way by now but I can’t get it right. I may surprise a few of you that I even have the concept of trying to get a piece I am writing right and, to be fair, you have a point. I usually shoot from the lip and once I have an, all too rare, idea it will normally flow without too many problems but I want the post to be a generalisation rather than a specific ‘how to do it’ and I am getting mired in specifics. Once you get mired you have a job getting out. It doesn’t help that I have already written about four hundred words and I am one of those who hates doing things twice. I should really delete everything I have written and start again but, as yet, I can’t bring myself to do it so I am in the trap trying to alter this and that to try to bring it closer to what I want. All this does is take it further away from what I intended. I am sure I will just have to bite the bullet and start again.

How many of you have daydreamed about being given three wishes, and what would they be. Do you save the world or be utterly selfish. I won’t indicate just how shallow I really am by telling you what the other two are but number one on my wish list is that I have a better memory. Mine is really crap for certain things. For instance, it’s no good asking me what happened in either my CCI or Masters tests, apart from one or two things I really can’t remember. I am also useless at remembering conversations. It’s not an age thing, I have always had this problem and it can be downright annoying at times. ”What did he say?” I don’t remember! Christ, I can’t even remember what I said half the time. This does leave me with the sometimes annoying situation where I have been told I have said something I’m sure I haven’t said but can’t be so sure that I can refute it completely. Perhaps this is the same for nearly everybody and this communal lack of total recall is what eventually leads to wars.

Not that is helping me in any way in my decision to delete or not. However, there may be some exciting photographs because a picture may paint the thousand words I don’t want to write.


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