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Absolutely Shocking

I have had a couple of rather unsettling things happen in the last few days. The first was quite a shock the second was a result of the times we live in.

The new issue of the loop is out and I was reading my way through it when I came across the post I written about my masters assessment http://fedflyfishers.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=gbgC1b%2baU7A%3d&tabid=4469&mid=3361. All was going well until I got to the part where I said ‘I’m a fucking master, how the hell did that happen?’ or something along those lines. To see the profanity in print, in The Loop was something shocking, literally, I think my eyebrows twitched in horror. For all my use of ripe language I am a Victorian prude at heart, it was years and years before I ever swore in front of a woman, for instance. To see that word screaming at me from such a publication as Loop was embarrassing. I am not going to apologise for using the word in the context of this blog, these are my pages and my thoughts so all is fair game. My problem is that I forget that these words can be lifted and used elsewhere (Denise has my permission to take whatever she wants). I am left with the choice of always having to remember that my words may go out to a wider audience than I anticipate and be a bit more careful what I write or I will have to ask Denise to please edit the stuff she lifts and filter out some of my courser comments. Or, perhaps I am being just a tad too sensitive and the Yanks can take it.

The other unsettling event was yesterday evening when I went out for a quick chuck. There was a game of cricket going on so I had to move over to a more public football pitch. I very rarely go over there and I almost instantly had an audience of one young girl who wanted to know what I was doing. The first thing that struck me was a girl of twelve or thirteen would even come over and talk to a complete stranger, the second thing was what the hell would it look like to anyone watching. This is a sign of the times where there can be no such thing as innocence any more and I have to feel uncomfortable about being alone with a young girl (albeit in a field with the occasional dog walker passing by). You are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Tell her to go away, pack up and go away yourself, answer her questions while guiltily looking around to see if anyone is watching, or, as I did, risk being labeled a perv and just talk to her, explain what I was doing and why I was doing it. When she left I was joined by another group of youngsters and we had a laugh and a joke while I went through the whole demo procedure again with lots of oohing and aahing at some of the casts. Even with a group of them I couldn’t feel relaxed about the situation though.

I don’t know the rights and wrongs about any of this, I just think it is a sad reflection on society that I cannot enjoy the company of one or a group of youngsters without feeling uneasy about it.


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  1. My world is full of things I regret but you can’t go back if it comes back to bite your bum own up and move on. As for the young girl thing,you can’t legislate your actions for a world full of Daily mail readers. If none of us can talk to a girl under sixteen , or boy for that matter, without worrying about perceived motive the fear press have won and the country is more fucked up that I thought. Would you think a guy in a public park with a fishing rod talking tro a young girl was grooming her???

    Comment by Tony Eric King | July 1, 2011 | Reply

  2. Nice post Dad, you potty-mouth perv.

    Comment by Pete Heritage | July 1, 2011 | Reply

  3. Always remember to forget
    anger, worry and regret

    You’re to old for the rest of the poem 😉

    And the yanks can take it, Rich is one of them, and you’re a saint compared 😀


    Comment by Lasse Karlsson | July 1, 2011 | Reply

  4. Hi Mike

    one of the issues that has always caused me concern is the way that Child Protection has been portrayed within any sport as being a way to point out that any adult may be a threat to that Child.
    The simple fact is that child protection training is about giving you the tools as a coach/instructor on how to deal with a disclosure or incident where you are made aware that a child is at risk.
    I accept totally that you should never put yourself in a position where you could be compromised. That is simple commonsense.
    If you are in the position again simply tell the child you are happy to explain anything to her but suggest that she gets her mum or dad so they can help her with her learning.
    Hope this helps.

    Comment by Mark Roberts | July 3, 2011 | Reply

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