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Menage et Trois

While out casting a couple of days ago something popped into my head. ‘Menage et trois’. You sometimes think the strangest thoughts while working on something totally unrelated. It wasn’t even about sexual fantasies either.

Lets go back to where this started. I had thought I had found the rod and line I was going to use in Scotland. The rod is ok (ish) it’s a #6 Guideline LPXe, not an earth shatteringly fantastic rod but since someone broke my Targus it’s the one I use for all my masters prep work. I used a Cortland 444 wf on it and I thought it was quite a nice combo. The only niggle was that the line is peach coloured and I have always thought there might be a visibility problem for the assessors if I used it on the test. I acquired a bright orange Greys Platinum, no problem seeing that bugger. I have used Platinums for fishing and quite like them, however, it soon became apparent that it felt a bit heavy. It deadened the rods action making it sluggish to respond and often it pulled out the little mends I had put in. I persevered for a while but it was obviously not a nice partnership and I was getting more than a little frustrated. I have a drawer full of lines I have either bought, been given or have used, not liked and put away. of course, being totally disorganised, none, except the boxed ones, are marked and I don’t have a clue what they are. That’s a problem for a rainy day. Anyway, while searching through the drawer I came across a line already spooled onto a reel cassette, and, wonder of wonders, I had marked it. It was a bright yellow Rio Steelhead and Salmon line. I don’t remember buying it, I certainly don’t remember spooling it up. And, very oddly, it was spooled onto the cassette for someone who winds their reels with their right hand (why do right handers do that??) It was also wound onto the spool in a very haphazard manor. I had to take the spool off and disentangle quite a birds nest. Surely I hadn’t done any of that. It’s a mystery. I finally got it on the rod and had a few tentative casts and found I was liking the experience. I tried some of the casts that were giving me a few problems and the problems disappeared. I was actually enjoying the experience. This is when the thought popped into my head about a menage et trois. Me, the rod and the line had come together to create something beautiful. I enjoyed it, I can’t speak for the rod and line though.

 Perhaps it’s only a fantasy after all.


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  1. Nice line that!

    Comment by Steve | April 10, 2011 | Reply

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