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Fly casting and talking fly casting bollox

Serious Intent. Not.

There are a couple of words being bandied about at the moment and I want to explore them. Intent and Purpose. They have come to my attention in relation to fly casting but while reflecting on them I realised that everything we do has both involved in one way or another. The essence of fly casting is intent and purpose. The essence of life is intent and purpose. You just can’t escape either of them. Of course what you intend to do may not happen, and the purpose that you intended may not work out quite how you intended, after all the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Try it for yourself. Think about any aspect of life and see if you can do anything without intent. You may notice I am now staring vacantly into space, however, there is an intention. I want my mind to wander freely for the purpose of working out where the devil this ramble is going to go and how can I get it back to fly casting. No, I haven’t been on the wacky backy.

How about an automatic reflex I hear you ask. Mmm, tricky one that. I would say it’s the brains intention to save you from something that it thinks will harm you so it’s purpose is to try to save you from injury….or death, so has nothing to do with fly casting..unless you happen to be casting a lead core line with a heavy clouser on it, then injury and death may well be at the forefront of your mind.

You will notice I am keeping a pretty tenuous grip on fly casting in relation to intent, purpose, life and death. I’m a fly casting instructor, the last thing I want you to do is injure yourself…or die, during one of my lessons. My intention is to teach you to cast properly with the purpose of making sure injury and death are not an option, or at least, making them less likely.

So, now to the nub of the problem. If you take intent and purpose away from something like, say, the definitions of a fly casting stroke, you are left with a pretty meaningless list of actions. I don’t think anyone can cast a line without intent or purpose, or try to understand any definition without relating them to intent and purpose.

You may, by now, think I have become slightly unhinged, and who is to say you are not right. But, in my defence, I have had an unnerving experience that has focused the mind. I have sent off my payment for my Masters test. It is now no longer theoretical possibility, it is an actual reality. WTF have I done?

I won’t be writing on here about how my preparation is going, or not going but, I will try to keep a diary from now until the test and I will recount my experience after it has happened. I repeat, WTF have I done?


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