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Down Down, Deeper an’ Down

I would love to sit here, right now, and write a really interesting and meaningful article that would inspire or illuminate you, but, it ain’t going to happen. My brain is stuck in neutral and it hasn’t picked up enough speed to get me over the next hill. I will get half way up and then trundle backwards all the way back to the bottom. I’m not fishing, I’m not fly tying, I’m doing hardly any meaningful casting practice. I am not even working on the answers I should be working on for my masters.

No, I am cogitating. Of course the brain has to be working for it to cogitate, but cogitating is, by nature, some sort of purposeful idle musing, creep with purpose, if you like, or not.

I am a rare breed in the world of fly casting. Along with the majority of instructors and fly fishing and fly casting forum users. You may think we are not so rare, after all we move in circles where we bump into each other quite regularly so therefore assume we are the majority. Wrong. The vast majority either don’t care or even know we exist And those that do know we exist will usually quite happily ignore us. Of course the vast majority just go fishing. Casting is a necessary evil, not something to get excited about. They manage to enjoy their sport regardless of the fact they wouldn’t know a tailing loop if they saw one, nor do they have the slightest clue about SLP. If you told them they were creeping they would look at you as if you were mad. They might be right at that. How far up the tree of nuttiness do you have to be when you could have a discussion large enough to be a decent (well, long anyway) read if it was turned into a book about something that is all over in five seconds. Worse still, several chapters of the book would be taken up with something that may, or may not, occur in half a second.

I don’t know how long fly fishing, and therefore fly casting has been around. I think the Romans and the Greeks were at it, I am sure I have seen some fly patterns that go back to the year dot. Anyway, I digress. There has been a veritable rain forest worth of books written on the subject. Ok, some of it may be a bit of a waste of several trees but there has been some good stuff as well and I bet they discussed aspects of fly casting we have yet to re-discover. 

Perhaps its human nature to keep re-inventing the wheel. Of course I wasn’t around when the wheel was invented so when I discover one I gradually discover new uses for it. New to me that is. I have since discovered that lots of other people have found the same uses for it that I have, but, has that fact rendered my discoveries meaningless?

 Not to me.

 It’s a pity we don’t have a collective memory where a discovery by one individual means we all discover it. Perhaps the internet is humanities collective memory.

Whoa, deep stuff for a brain in neutral!


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