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Holey Moley

Jeez,  I wish it would warm up. I was out in the field with someone yesterday and the wind cut through me like a knife. I had a coffee in the pub afterwards instead of my usual. The problem with having a session with someone preparing for a test is that you don’t do much casting yourself, you just stand there (trying to look as if you care) and freeze your nuts off for two or three hours. I thought I would go out this morning and have a chuck, just to see if I remembered what to do. Half an hour was more than enough to convince me I was better off indoors with a bowl of soup!. One day I will find a nice indoor venue that I can pop to once or twice a week, preferably with heating.

 It’s only about four weeks until the BFCC event in Newark. It’s being combined with a shooting show this year. Apparently tackle manufactures and suppliers are having a hard time and can’t justify an event on their own, or, the organisers can’t. I seem to remember the shows were combined a couple of years ago and we (the BFCC) did brisk trade as shooters tried their hand at fly casting. It will be all hands to the pump in our instructing sessions. Anyway, if you’re there pop over and say hello and bring me a hot coffee and two sugars please.

After Newark things start to get a bit hectic. I am going to Denmark in March for the FFF euro conclave. In March and April I must find some time to have a session with an FFF Master or two for my preparation for my test. April I have a long weekend in Amsterdam that has nothing to do with a fly rod. Mid May is test time in Scotland. Mid May to end of May is probably going be spent working out where it all went wrong.

 The test is a bit of a conundrum. I am not too worried about the casting aspect. There isn’t so much wrong that a couple of weeks of decent weather and a bit if concerted effort can’t put right. No. It’s the bloody questions they are going to fire at me that has me more concerned. I could do the casting test in about half an hour, or less, but the test can last up to four hours. That’s a serious amount of time spent grilling the poor sucker (me). They are going to need a JCB to dig me out of some of the holes I am going to dig for myself.

 Ah well, I had better be off and start cleaning the shovel.


January 30, 2011 - Posted by | BFCC, fly casting, Flycasting instruction, Mike Heritage


  1. Hi Mike

    We can easily do a pretest here in DK when you come over, the Missus is planning a workshop for the concave so I might be there to take care of the little goddess anyway 😉

    4 hours?? Dude, I would kill the examiners if they kept me in the dark for that long and I’m one of them 😛


    Comment by Lasse Karlsson | January 30, 2011 | Reply

  2. That sounds like a fantastic plan Lasse, thanks for the offer. You don’t know if Stefan is going do you?

    Comment by Mike Heritage | January 30, 2011 | Reply

    • As far as I know, there’s going to be a Swedish invasion on Kolding too 😀


      Comment by Lasse Karlsson | January 30, 2011 | Reply

  3. Mike, I’d presumed you were doing your MCI in Denmark. I’m planning to do CI in Scotland, and I’m just familiarising myself with the FFF process from their website: sorry for naivety but will there be the required Workshop in Scotland mid-May, or do I need to go to Denmark?

    Cheers, Andrew

    Comment by andrew parker | February 6, 2011 | Reply

  4. Hi Andrew, I have sent you an email.
    For anyone else interested, yes, there is a workshop.

    Comment by Mike Heritage | February 6, 2011 | Reply

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