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Happy New Year


I finished the old one off by having a day’s fishing at Stowting and hard work it was too. Fish are strange creatures. You would have thought that they would be in the 80% of the lake that was ice-free. I eventually found them on the edge of the ice up the shallow end. I was literally casting onto the ice and then retrieving the fly as close to the ice as I could. I eventually landed a ‘bow of about 4 1/2 lb and missed a couple of others.

 The new issue of the FFF mag, Loop, is out  http://www.fedflyfishers.org/Default.aspx?tabid=4469 , if you want something to read. The FFF’s very own Lara Croft, Denise Maxwell, Blog Raider, has been pillaging the site again.  

 It seems the FFF want to create a list of ‘current’ or active instructors. There is a list of instructional activities that have been allocated points. The idea is that provided you can tot up a minimum of ten points a year you will be deemed ‘current’. One of the activities is writing, and getting published, articles on fishing or casting. I have no idea if publishing via your own blog counts or not but even without the blog it would appear I have totted up sufficient points to be deemed current. One great thing is that it does not have to related purely to FFF activities so the workshop I gave and those I attended at the GAIA meeting count, as does the instructing I do for the BFCC.

 Harry Merritt described a nice excercise to get young students to control the size of their loops. Harry seems very committed to working with young people and bemoaned the fact that, apparently, the FFF seem to lack interest in interacting with youth groups such as the Scouts. I can’t help feeling they are missing a trick here.

 Incidently, while on the subject of teaching the young, do Americans have to go through the same process as we (UK) do to teach youngsters. I pretty much have to prove I am not a pedophile before I am allowed to teach them, plus I have to go on a course or two and pass exams. They are not cheap either.

Peter Greenon’s article is especially thought provoking as it pertains directly to me and my quest to be a Master. The main thought being, am I worthy.

 This blog has existed exactly two years now and after a frenetic period where I was writing something every few days it has settled down to being something I use to put some order to my disjointed thoughts. This is order? I hear you say. Compared to what goes on in my head sometimes this is very orderly.

 I don’t think I suffer from SAD but I find it a real struggle to enthuse about anything at this time of year. With that in mind I have cleared out the green house, replaced some broken glass and I am going to get my heated propagator working. I am going to buy compost and seeds and sow them, then I am going to watch them grow. Spring is not that far away, thank goodness.


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  1. Your comments regarding teaching youngsters, yes our cousins have to get recognised to be able to teach! over here it depends upon who and where you wish to work, if its in schools or youth clubs etc then yes for some others will need to see you have been CRB checked and to be safe hold a current 1st aid certificate. If your thinking of getting into schools etc, then you will need to progress to level 2 coaching in Angling, see the Angling Development Board website – no its not cheap unless you get sponsorship and then there is the annual licence to maintain (£49.50p) but it does carry a fairly comprehensive insurance cover. If you need any more on this give me a call or we can meet – Alan

    Comment by Alan Sandom | January 8, 2011 | Reply

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