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How bizarre life is sometimes. Denise Maxwell has raided the blog again and she has selected two or three bits for the FFF Loop magazine. So there I am sandwiched between Bill Gammel and Macauley Lord. A tasty little filler seasoned with a dash of Gordy Hill my, and many other’s, online Mentor. I don’t know how they feel about it, but I feel great, if slightly out-of-place. 

 After my article in the spring issue I commented that I thought it odd that Denise never received feedback about any of the articles she published. Ho Hum…it would appear I have inadvertently put myself in a position where I can offer some feedback. Of course she may choose to ignore it.

 Macaulley Lord’s article about the beginnings of the CIPS and the original association with the FFF were totally new to me, I didn’t realise it was such recent history. I also didn’t realise Denise Maxwell was (is) so highly regarded. I wish I had known, I might have been a bit more respectful when we met in Scotland last year…or maybe not. More of this please. It would help us non-American instructors have a better understanding about what we have joined.

 Bill Gammel’s article’ Making adjustments on the fly’ should be compulsory reading for all aspiring CCI’s. Bill can be a bit annoying because, try as hard as you like, he always covers everything. You may think to yourself ah but what about so and so only to discover he explains so and so a paragraph later. Us Sexyloopers were lucky to have had access to it for years.

 That’s enough feedback for now, I don’t want to shock the system.

 Gonna be a busy weekend. I have to sort out my rods, load some new lines (thanks Mike) and get prepared for the final BFCC meeting of the year. We are going to change the format slightly and I hope it leads towards the creation of a club champion at the same meeting next year. No one event will win, you will need to be really good at two or three and better than awful at the rest. consistency will be the name of the game. This might be the spur I need to actually try to improve my T38 and T120. I have a cunning plan.


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  1. Great stuff Mike, I am sure you make a great sandwich! Not quite sure what Denise made of us all at the Gathering, but she appeared to enjoy herself.

    Have a great weekend

    Comment by Mike Barrio | October 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hi Mike, They arrived. Thanks.

    I hesitate to say Denise is a game old bird, she might read it. Deep respect for the way she joined in

    Comment by Mike Heritage | October 8, 2010 | Reply

  3. Hi Mike

    Well, I’m just glad your musings are getting a wider audience.

    Yeah I thought the history article was fascinating. Amazing how the same tensions arise over and over again, no matter which organisation it is…

    Good luck at the BFFC do.



    Comment by Will | October 9, 2010 | Reply

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