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Oh What a Perfect Day

Sometimes, just sometimes, it all seems worthwhile. I usually get one worthwhile moment during a BFCC instructing weekend and maybe one or two a year from my own instructing. This is not to say I don’t enjoy all the rest but a few outstanding moments really do make it all worthwhile. And then I get two on consecutive days. Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking a group at Walthamstow. One young lad, Ben, was the only one who had done any fly fishing so had a bit of a head start on the others but he was as keen as mustard and soaked up information like a sponge and then put it into practice. Today I witnessed something quite magical. I gave my usual demo to a couple of students then used Lee Cummings method to get them keeping a line in the air. The young lad, Bobby, was using a cheapy glass fibre rod that he had recently bought while on holiday to have a go at fly fishing a stream. It actually cast quite well but was a bit heavy for a beginner to be casting for a long time so I lent him mine and left him to get used to it while I concentrated on his friend. I kept an eye on him and gave him the bit of advice and I suddenly realised he was casting the sweetest loops. ‘Ok, clever clogs, pull of another three feet and see what happens’. Then minutes later the fantastic loops are back. ‘ Make your back cast a bit higher’. And he does, just like that. These are really nice, tight, loops and consistent. I was more than happy with his progress but thought I would push my luck and teach him to double haul. He had never heard of it but picked up the concept quickly. We did half a dozen pantomimes and then moved on to hauled back cast/drop the line, hauled forward cast/drop the line. Bobby soon had the rhythm so we moved onto continuous false casting. We sorted out a little timing problem and, hey presto, perfect double hauling and beautiful loops. We finished off by casting and shooting to targets to about fifty feet or more. As a final challenge I got him to pick up his own rod and cast it. He could, and did. Fantastic.


October 3, 2010 - Posted by | BFCC, fly casting, Flycasting instruction, Mike Heritage, Uncategorized


  1. Had a great day, really enjoyed it, great instructing thanks a lot, be in touch with you soon to learn some more.

    Comment by Bobby | October 3, 2010 | Reply

  2. My pleasure Bobby. Can you let me have your email address please. Send it to my email address in the ‘about’ section.

    I think you have a rare talent for fly casting.


    Comment by Mike Heritage | October 3, 2010 | Reply

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