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There you are, one day cock of the walk, the next, just a cock. I had a surprise invite to have a day’s fishing in Hampshire and just for once nothing happened to stop me going. Lovely day, beautiful weather, lots of visible fish, great company. So far so good. I recently bought a new rod and had decided to christen it. Ok , a six weight was a couple too heavy but what the hell. I get my rod out of the back of Marks car and discover I have brought two halves of two different rods. ‘kin idiot. Luckily Mark had a spare four weight set up so I borrowed it.

 The water was looking good, when the sun was out we could see loads of fish. We had a few casts mid beat and Mark had a couple of nice brownies while I was sorting myself out. We decided to go to the bottom of the beat and work our way up. I took the right bank, easy peasy. We walked up level with each other and spotted fish which one or other of us was able to cover. By then I had hooked a few branches and tangled the bank side vegetation a few times but I haven’t fished seriously for months and certainly not in such confined places so I just put it down to getting back into fishing mode. Several hours and two new tippets and half a dozen lost flies later I still hadn’t got my act together. It got so bad that as I yanked the fly out of yet another piece of shrubbery the bloody thing pinged out and went into a finger, beyond the barb. I had heard of a trick that can get a hook out using a piece of mono. Luckily Mark knew it so I had a very close up and personal view of it in action and can confirm it works. And that’s pretty much how the day progressed, Mark caught fish, I caught vegetation.  Well, nearly. I did catch one brownie of about a pound but, I did get what I went for, a proper Grayling. A beautiful hard fighting grayling of just over a pound or so. My first ‘proper’ grayling and worth every lost fly, hooked branch and tangled dock leaf.

 This bank side debacle has made me revise my casting. Grass is all well and good for working out how to perform certain casts but just add water (and some vegetation) and you have a whole new recipe for disaster.


September 13, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. If its any consolation Mike, I know it isn’t, I went out with Roy the week before and hit every avialable snag on the riverbank…especially if I’m concentrating on a particular fish this shit just happens man.

    Usually the optimum trajectory for the cast just isn’t available on the river bank and, especially when you have been practicing grass casting for accuracy, you are so programmed to throw it back at a certain angle for a certian distance that you forget and hit the bloody shrubbery.

    Really nice day though…thoroughly enjoyed it, harder than I expected.

    Comment by Mark | September 16, 2010 | Reply

  2. I’ve got your cap and some milk that has turned into cheese in the back of my car btw…

    Comment by Mark | September 17, 2010 | Reply

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