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Bath and Back

I am just back from a family wedding in Bath. We don’t have a relative within a hundred miles of the place so why Bath was chosen was a bit of a mystery. However the mystery was cleared up as soon as I went to the toilet, a Dyson Airblade hand drier. Apparently the bride and groom loved ye olde barn but the Airblade’s in the toilets was the clincher. It’s a shame the things work so well, one in and out and you’re dry but watching the ripple of flesh as your hand moves through the airblade is quite fascinating so you have to do it several times. They should make one big enough to get your head in after a session of Dad dancing and a few pints though.

We had a day wandering around Bath on Saturday and got caught up in the craze to photograph as many lions as we could, I think we found nearly thirty in the end. Is Bath the hen night capitol of europe? There was an endless procession of scantily clad females looking for a good time, not that I am complaining, except for the fact they all seemed to end up under our hotel window at three in the morning.

Apropos nothing in particular, but something that exposes itself at family gatherings is the fact that none of my family fish, let alone fly fish, and they really don’t know what to make of me and my interest in fly casting, especially the fly casting in a field bit. I am treated like some crack pot uncle by all of my nephews and nieces, my sisters are slighty bemused and my own sons take the piss. Family get together’s can be a bit of a trial. ‘Don’t get him talking about fly casting’ with raised eyebrows!! Do you know how frustrating it is to have a talent no one in the family appreciates? Anyway, it’s at least another eighteen months before I am treated like the village idiot…again. Mind you I wasn’t silly enough to allow my eighteen stone brother to leap into my arms…..was I Craig. How’s the knee?

I had to call into Sportfish on the way home, I couldn’t pass within a couple of miles of  Tomo and not pop in to congratulate him on winning a silver medal at the recent world championships in Norway. I was seriously envious that I wasn’t able to go to Norway this year but I am determined to be at the next one. I just happened to mention I was sort of looking for a six weight and the next thing I know is I am driving away with a(nother) new rod in the boot of the car! Stupid place to mention you might be in the market for a rod.


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  1. 17 stone sonny. And i love your fly casting 🙂

    Comment by James | August 23, 2010 | Reply

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