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This Week, I is Mainly Getting Older

The BFCC has age groups for records. It appears I hold three records …….for my age group (S60). I understand some of you may be shocked I am not as young as it may appear here but then you don’t look back at me from the bathroom mirror every morning and see what I see. Anyway, back to the point (there is one?) I am casting quite well at the moment. I even popped three consecutive 130’+ casts last week with my five weight, I don’t think I have ever done that before, so I hoped my form would stay with me until the Sportfish meeting, and luckily it did. I threw a 125 something. I won the event but didn’t give it any other thought. I was informed this morning that it is a new S60 record. I didn’t realise I had cast further than when I originally broke the outright record with a cast of 121′ a few years ago, which was taken from me by Paul Arden a couple of years ago. I didn’t consider that cast as anything special because I have thrown hundreds, if not thousands of casts over 125 in practice. To be honest I was more pleased with the nine weight distance I threw with a rod and line I had never cast before. It even, very briefly, held the outright record. Then fifteen year old Joe threw one over three feet further. Youngster’s today! They have absolutely no respect for their elders. I was tempted to throw him in the lake but realised a hernia wasn’t worth the risk. As it happens young Joe is an outstanding talent, I wish there were more like him about. Luckily time is really no barrier to learn to cast really well. Mike Marshall is Methusala’s second cousin and he took my seven weight record from me and I was over fifty when I came back to flycasting and caught the distance bug. I have said that at my age the only way is down, but, I keep improving and proving the lie. And, provided you are reasonably physically fit, there is no reason why you can’t get better and better either. A little bit of application and some help along the way and you too could get beaten by a fifteen year old.


July 14, 2010 - Posted by | BFCC, Distance casting, fly casting, Mike Heritage

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