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An eventful week. Roger, Alex and I drove up to Wrexham to meet Mike Marshall, John and the rest of the BFCC gang for a meeting at the rugby ground. Before you know it the car park is full and we have thirty people waving fly rods around as if their lives depended on it. Nice people as well, so that’s a bonus. How come only nice people take up fly fishing? Anyway, a great day was had by all, I hope. I didn’t do very well in the competitions. I’m not sure why, perhaps I was just a bit distracted by all the instructing going on. However, it is nice to see some new faces on the leader board and some younger blood coming through.

 My article, Comfort Zone, has been published in the FFF ezine ‘The Loop’ which is a very nice feeling. I hope it is taken for what it is and people enjoy it.

 Can’t say the same about some of my posts on here being used though. That’s an entirely different feeling, sort of gut wrenching.  I have to admit that what I write here is generally not written for anyone but me. Yes, I hope the posts entertain and are, hopefully, informative, but their main purpose is to clarify some of the rubbish going around in my head. I very rarely sit and construct a piece. I mostly just sit here and type the first thing that comes into my head. It is a very odd feeling to have the posts taken away from the context they were written in and see them displayed where my idle musings are going to be read by the  good and the great of the fly casting world. Denise Maxwell, the editor, was very generous (or perhaps foolhardy) in that there was very little, or any, editing done that I could see. Brave woman, I hope she keeps her job.

While on the subject of ‘The Loop’; Denise told me she never gets any feedback or comments to any of the articles that are published. I find that a bit strange. On the face of it that means that everything written is taken as gospel and therefore above criticism. I am a child of the Sexyloops school of question everything and find the attitude of not questioning anything a bit odd, not to say disconcerting. I appreciate that a quarterly publication may be a cumbersome way of debating something but surely not everyone agrees with all the stuff that’s written there, do they? To be honest, if I didn’t get any comments I would worry that I wasn’t being read at all. Perhaps Denise could persuade the FFF to link a forum to The Loop so that there is a bit more immediacy about debates to some of the articles. After all, if we didn’t debate we would still be accepting that the primary purpose of double hauling was to load the rod and we all know that’s rubbish (don’t we?).

 Here is to the next one hundred posts.


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  1. Just read your article Mike. Great stuff – I knew it’d be good! Hope to see more in future.

    I really like your point about how you don’t always “get it” in lessons, but then go away and find your own way to do it. I know the feeling…



    Comment by Will | June 18, 2010 | Reply

  2. I hoped I wasn’t the only one that didn’t get it first time Will, or even the second, or like the steeple cast..never!

    Comment by Mike Heritage | June 19, 2010 | Reply

  3. ** After all, if we didn’t debate we would still be accepting that the primary purpose of double hauling was to load the rod and we all know that’s rubbish (don’t we?).**

    It’s rubbish??? Just saw two instructors in Germany demoing that hauling bends the rod alot more… Maybe I should have invited them to SL, but I’m pretty sure they both frequent that site…And they wheren’t that interested in talking with me 😉

    Good article, and I had a lot of laughs with the sidebits Denise put in from your blog!!


    Comment by Lasse Karlsson | June 19, 2010 | Reply

  4. Even stranger Lasse, I have just listened to Steve Rajeff saying the haul is for loading the rod deeper.

    Comment by Mike Heritage | June 19, 2010 | Reply

  5. Funny eh 🙂

    Well I guess that if we look at it like this: Hauling increases the linespeed. Linespeed increases tension. Tension means straighter line to bend the rod against, making it easier to bend the rod deeper.. Then hauling does increase the bend in the rod, just not the way and order most people think it does 🙂

    Oh, and i’m not sure Steve reads the board, but I’ll have a chat with him in August about the subject after he whooped my behind in the WM 😀

    Comment by Lasse Karlsson | June 19, 2010 | Reply

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