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I often complain that I don’t understand why anyone would take up fly fishing and not bother to learn to fly cast properly. While out in the garden today, sowing more veg seeds, it occurred to me that I am a bit of a hypocrite. I learned to fly cast and don’t really bother to use it to go fishing, well not as often as I should anyway. Why not? several reasons I guess. The type of fishing in my area just doesn’t excite me any more, at least to the extent that I want to go every week, been there, done that and had a sickenly full freezer to prove it. Catch and release has a bigger following now than it did when I started in the seventies, in fact, as far as game fish were concerned it didn’t exist at all, we were expected to kill every trout we caught. I  understand that you can now buy a C&R ticket at Bewl, great, about time. I have never understood why C&R has been such an issue on the bigger waters or even why the smaller waters limit it to four fish or whatever they have decided. My friend Mike Barrio, who runs Haddo Fishery near Aberdeen, does not have a limit on C&R. If you look at his returns twenty or more fish a day is common and the vast majority are returned. Are his fish sick? No, are they hook shy? No more than any other trout. Are there dead fish floating around? No, I have never seen one. He only has two problems, and he is glad to have both of them, Otters and Osprey and good luck to both of them because these trout don’t give up without a bloody good fight so they earn their meal the hard way, the same as the anglers. Mike insists you treat the fish with respect and if, like I unfortunately did with a big fish, you make a bit of a hash of it, you can expect a mild bollocking and I have no doubt that if you made a habit of mishandling fish you would get thrown off the water, quite right. Mike stocks fish from six inches to several pounds and your days catch will reflect that, a six-inch blue or a double figure brown or rainbow and all sizes in between. Come south Mike.

 I do have one fishery quite near me that has that sort of potential but, there has to be a but doesn’t there, you can only officially C&R if you are a member, day tickets are supposed to kill! Why?


May 14, 2010 - Posted by | fly casting, Fly Fishing, Mike Heritage

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