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Oh Yeah, great decision to tell everyone I will go for my FFF MCI, not.

I have just got back from the annual Sexyloops gathering in Scotland. There were two MCI candidates so we had two Board of Goveners ( BOGs) there to oversee the tests, Denise Maxwell, CBOG, THCI and editor of the FFF quarterly magazine ‘The Loop’ and William van der Vorst, MCI and BOG. I know both candidates and thought both were certain to pass. Guess what? one failed! That has put me in a bit of a funk ‘cos if he failed then I have absolutely no chance of passing this side of Hell freezing over. This is not a get out of it statement; it’s a fact, so don’t go posting comments about how I would walk it, because as sure as bears shit in woods I wouldn’t. Fact.

 Has this put me off? No. It’s actually shown me that to be an MCI you have to earn it the hard way and if I want to take it next year I will have to get down to some serious brain work because it’s not my casting that will let me down, I hope. You can look forward to some seriously stupid questions on Sexyloops over the next twelve months or so.

 Denise and William were great. Once the testing was over they joined in with the rest of us and gave demo’s and joined in the shootouts, answered most questions (Denise!) and, I hope, thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as did the rest of us.

 Numbers were down this year. A combination of recession, volcanic ash and clashing dates kept a lot of people away but never-the-less the stuff we learned was just amazing.

 I don’t know why, I have been doing this long enough to know better, but I am always amazed at how friendly fly fishes are and at how freely information is exchanged. I look forward to the day I have something worth freely exchanging.

 The Gathering clashed with an invitation from Sportfish for the BFCC to attend their open day, which was a shame because, by all accounts, it turned into a fantastic couple of days. Never mind, I will be at our own day there in a few weeks time but before that we have a meeting coming up at Wrexham in June. Have a look at www.thebfcc.co.uk and check out the calendar for the dates. If any of you are planning to come to Wrexham you need to let Mike Marshall know  asap  because it is being restricted to twenty and places are filling.


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