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No Work and All play

Work has temporarily dried up and I have time on my hands so it’s a good job the weather has cheered up and I can get on with things that have been put off during the awful winter. Production has started in the veg garden with potatoes, onions and various seeds going in. Going online to find the bits and bobs I need to make up the T38 rod. I am going to bling it up so that I have to be able to cast it well or get the piss taken unmercifully when I cast it at meetings.

 I have stayed loyal to Mick Bells Bloke XL50 seven weight for my seven distance casting, it has after all, held the BFCC seven weight distance record, although it was pipped by Mike marshall a while ago. I want the record back so I need something a bit meatier and I may have found it, and for less than £90. I suspect it’s quite low modulus carbon, which is no bad thing  because it’s much harder to break than the high modulus stuff, and, I do intend to give it some welly.

I have been fishing again and I am relearning just how frustrating trout can be. One minute you think you have sussed them out for the day and an hour later, and having tried half the flies in your box, you realise you haven’t. Especially frustrating when fish are taking something just under the surface and there is no apparent hatch going on. I do prefer to try to work out what the buggers are eating but with time running out I usually resort to shaking them out of their preoccupation and pulling something across their noses. Because the fish were working their way upwind in a nice ripple, and therefore quite predictable, I decided on  smallish olive damsel. Bingo, instant success. I caught and released the last two fish to finish my day off.

 Much more time off and I am sure my wife will find things for idle hands to do. So I had better make hay while the sun shines.


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