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And Your Time Starts……………NOW

What can I do for your casting in fifteen minutes. That’s the time we have at BFCC public days.

 The answer is, a surprising amount actually.

 It goes like this; Roger, ”Mike this is so and so”.” So and so, this is Mike, who will be instructing you”. ”Hi, can you cast already?, ok, great, what weight rod are you used to?, ok let’s use the seven then”. And off we go. I get them to do a few casts while I work out what, if anything, needs fixing most. I say ‘if anything’ because more than once I have been tempted to grab the rod back and demand a lesson from them!

 The two main issues I see are poor timing and no back cast loop. There are often other issues as well, like they cannot haul but insist on holding the line in their other hand and just let it wander aimlessly about while randomly introducing slack and tension at various indeterminate places during their stroke. I’m not complaining by the way, this is what I signed up for when I became an instructor.

 Must get on, I only have thirteen minutes left! Ok, Do you know what a loop is? No, I didn’t think you did. Have you ever seen your back cast, No? I’m not surprised, I wouldn’t want to look at it either, but, do you know that if you actually form a loop it will do half the work for you (take rod and demonstrate). See, I can reduce all that effort, the loop just rolls out behind you, I am casting at less than half the speed you were. See? It’s effortless.

 Eleven minutes left. Ok, I want you to hold the rod horizontally and make side casts along that line. If you stand like that you can see the back and front loops easily. You have to stop the rod there, and there, see the loop form?, you have a go. No, trap the line with your rod hand, leave the other one in your pocket. Whoa, less effort, no less, no, less than that. Yes, see that loop form, great stuff, oh yes we’re getting somewhere now. Oh beautiful loop there, did you see it, did you notice how effortless that was.

Eight minutes left. Ok, now I want you to raise the rod a bit but keep concentrating on maintaining those loops, always keep good loops. Raise it a bit more, nice, yep, really nice. Raise it a bit more. What the f*** was that?.

 Five minutes left (slight panic sets in) If it all goes wrong drop the rod to horizontal and start again, that’s it, nice loops again. Raise it, raise it a bit more, and again, lovely stuff. Now I want you to bring the rod up to your normal casting position and start to turn to face the way you are casting. Watch those stops, that’s better, much better, very nice loops. Have you noticed how easy that feels compared to earlier? Yes? Good. I tell you what, with a bit of practice you could be a bloody good caster.

 Ok, we have a couple of minutes left, pull a couple of feet off the reel and lets quickly do it again, Nice, did you notice you had to wait a fraction longer for the line to straighten, you did? that’s really good, you must remember that the more line you have out the longer it will take to straighten so the pause must be a bit longer.

 MIKE!! What Roger. This is so and so, so and so this is Mike, he will be your instructor. Quickly shake hands with the previous so and so, tell him he could be really good with a bit of practice.

 Do you know what? I’m not lying, most of them could become excellent casters….with a bit of practice


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  1. Don’t forget to mention not only do I bring you clients that want tuition, but also cups of coffee and the ocassional half eaten chocolate bar.
    I would say it was really cold and also a wind chill, but Mark Surtees and yourself did not leave the tuition field until the show closed. As I said earlier, true Pros.

    Comment by Roger | March 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. Thank you for reminding me Roger, the half eaten chocolate was especially welcome, shame you didn’t give me time to eat it!

    Comment by Mike Heritage | March 10, 2010 | Reply

  3. Pissed off I missed it. Next time.

    Comment by Steve | March 10, 2010 | Reply

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