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Happy New Year

Yeah, Yeah, I know it’s not the start of your New Year but it is the start of mine. I get to cast in anger again. Practice has more purpose than just seeing if I can still cast. There are things to look forward to, plans to make, plans to bring to fruition, people to see and places to go. Shall I do this or that.

 My New Year started last weekend on a cold and (sometimes) windy field at the Spring Show at Newark. The BFCC holds our first event of the year there. The competition doesn’t take long, we only cast five and seven weights because we are restricted to cast in two directions and the T38 and T120 events are potentially dangerous unless the casting court is set up carefully to take wind direction into account. Trust me, you don’t want to get a slap around the head with either of those two lines. The rest of the two days are taken up with 15 minute casting lessons or people trying for their distance badges. I got the impression that overall attendance to the show was a bit down on last year but that didn’t affect the amount of people wanting to improve their casting, we were as busy as last year. Thank goodness we had two more instructors this year, at least it meant we had the chance to grab a quick coffee and a hot dog now and then. I even managed to catch up with a few friends and make one or two new ones.

 Mike Barrio’s new Outcast distance line entered the casting fray for the first time, it’s now in production and legal to use in BFCC events. It passed with flying colours, first and second in the five weight and second in the seven. A lot of people made very positive comments about it. I will use it for all my competition casting this year and I have a sneaky feeling some others will give it a go as well.


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  1. You worked at the Spring Fair like the true professional you are Mike.

    Would you believe on my way out I went for a leak and in the loo I got talking to this guy (complaining about the cold) and before he could “shake it” I had him out on the field getting tuition.

    I hope he held his rod better after his lesson.

    Comment by Roger | March 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. that’s the quote of the year, Roger. hahaha !!!

    Comment by marc fauvet | March 12, 2010 | Reply

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