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Happy New Year

I hope you all had a nice Christmas. Mine was unusually chilled, someone put a bottle of red in the fridge by mistake so I thought the best thing to do was warm it up…. by drinking it. Apparently I then went on to sample the Rose, but I don’t remember that bit, well, I was very, very drunk at the time. I know it may seem a bit light-weight, for most of you a bottle is just warming up but it constitutes about a quarter of my yearly alcohol intake. Mind you it was the best sleep I have had for a while.

 I had a Vosseller DC4 and spare spool, which are all lined  and ready for action. I have picked a rod I am not bothered if I break or not, I have had it for years but have hardly used it. The fly box is gradually filling up thanks to Gary, who kindly sent me some samples to copy, and the material supplier who provided me with lots of lovely stuff to tie them with. Sad to say I now know I need a fair bit more to tie some of the patterns (whats new). The fly box was a present as well.

 I am undecided whether to go to the local river, which is a bit high and coloured, for Pike, or, lose my cherry and have a pop at a Pouting, I will see what the weather looks like Friday and make up my mind then.

 Apart from filling my swaffing box I am tying for the FF&FT fly tying comp. It’s a new format this year and so the flies will decide whether we go into div’s 1,2 or 3. Magnus Angus has chosen a particularly awkward fly so that he can sort the wheat from the chaff so I fully expect to be firmly rooted in div 3. I am also waiting to hear the final number of flies needed for the Sexyloops swap, it looks as if I will need to tie another half a dozen or so to make up my 40 then all I have to do is label them all and get them in the post.

 I don’t know about you but I am not too sad to see the end of 2009, it was one of those years that are best forgotten as far as I am concerned…except for the good bits, which, I have to admit there were a few.

 Roll on 2010,

 Happy New Year.


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  1. Mike Heretage drunk in charge of a fly rod, now that has to be seen:) my offer to have a loan of my saltwater fly book’s is still open if you need, as for getting out with the gear I can’t wait for this weather to change!!

    Happy new Year – Alan

    Comment by Alan Sandom | January 4, 2010 | Reply

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