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I have outed myself as a bit of a fraud on Sexyloops, well perhaps fraud is a bit strong, misguided might be a better word.

 In the distance casting game ‘Late Rotation’ has been the Holy Grail for years and I have strived for years to attain it. However, in the back of my mind I always knew I had never achieved it despite the devises I used to perform a pseudo version of it. Proper late rotation involves the rod staying horizontal until the hand has translated from right back to right forward, if you include body movement that’s a translation of six or seven feet, if you include a forward stride that can become up to ten feet with rotation coming in the last six inches. Well, I could never get that. I used to kid myself that my rotation happened in the last couple of feet, which wasn’t bad, I could live with that. Of course when I reviewed a clip of my casting it always appeared that I was actually rotating for a much longer period but I would put that down to filming the wrong cast. Ok the early rotation may be slight, and, it did lead to an explosive finish but it wasn’t a Hartmann or Ardenesque stroke, just an approximation of one.

 In my heart of heart’s I knew this and spent endless hours trying to get my body to flow fluidly from back to front with the classic horizontal rod. I even considered taking up Yoga or Pilates to try and supple my body up a bit. I only considered it for a while though, being intrinsically lazy I just never got round to it.

 I recently came to terms with my inability to perform the drag properly and moved to the Dark Side instead. I am going to be the one that whispers that Late Rotation is bunkum. You have all been hoodwinked, deceived into thinking you are somehow not worthy, you are a lesser caster because you cannot perform this complicated manoeuver without having to resort to slight of hand. No, I am here to lead you down a different path, the path of enlightenment, the path that doesn’t lead you to an inferiority complex, the path of fact, not fiction. The truth, it’s out there somewhere.


December 5, 2009 - Posted by | Distance casting, fly casting, Mike Heritage

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