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Oh God, here we go again. I thought I had got distance out of my system, but no, here I am just in from a couple of hours of pure distance work, thats the third time this week. Casting conditions are just about perfect, very slight breeze, pressure dropping and still warm enough to be in shorts and T shirt. To make it interesting I now use three different five weights and lines and have a shootout between them. It has made me revise my opinion on the rods. For instance, I thought the Angel was the fastest of the three but when casting with a long line it bends right through to the butt, you can even feel the cork bending sometimes. The TCR never bends that far, I mean, you can put a very deep bend in it but not to the extent that you feel the cork bend. The Echo UD feels stiffer than both of the others, and heavier, in fact it feels a real brute, but I know it’s pretty well indestructible so I always put the DT on it because I have broken both of the others casting DT’s on them.

 Now, which rod would you think cast the furthest consistently, the big beefy unbreakable Echo which can easily hold up 90’+ of DT. The more subtle but equally powerful TCR or the through action but fast frequency Angel 2TE?

 Surprise, it’s the Angel. With all the rods I was casting mid to high 120’s but the Angel plonked me over 130, twice, one to equal to my old PB and another well over it.

 Now, all I have to do is keep it working for a couple of weeks and the BFCC meeting on the 18th could become quite interesting.


October 4, 2009 - Posted by | BFCC, Distance casting, fly casting, Rods

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  1. Hi Mike

    Great to see you getting back in to some distance practice, the 18th is just around the corner and I’ll be keeping an eye on the results to see how you get on. The BFCC website is looking grand by the way!

    Best wishes

    Comment by Mike Barrio | October 6, 2009 | Reply

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