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Barrio Outcast

Oh dear, here we go again. I’m out doing distance again.

 I played a very small part in helping Mike Barrio develop a new distance line and I received the final version a couple of days ago. As luck would have it I got home quite early and the weather was perfect to go out and give it a bash. I lined it onto my Angel and went out to see how it cast.

 First impressions are that it a very soft and limp line, which is fine by me, thats how I like my fishing lines. How is stands up to the strain of constant distance we will have to see. I hope it lasts longer than the MED, I used to get through five or six of those a year when I was practicing several hours a week. One of the things that impressed me with the first version Mike sent me was the very positive turnover at all distances, this got lost somewhat in later versions but Mike has got it back in the final one,  the positive turnover is a definite plus in my book. I am not sure of the final configuration but I would guess the rear taper is very long  judging by the loop stability at all distances. My very best effective carry with the MED is 83′ so I was astonished to find I was carrying nearly 93′ of the  Barrio Outcast, and carrying it very effectively.

  I should explain what I mean by effective carry. In distance casting  there is a very fine line between carry that is fully under control and carry that is not under control. A distance backcast has to be under full control for distance casting. One foot too much carry and you lose control and the cast suffers.

 The backcast was into a slight breeze, so even more impressive.

 After a few exploratory casts I started to open up and quickly got to the high one teens, then one twenty and I finally maxed out at 125′. Not bad for a first cast, well bloody good, actually.

 This afternoon I decided to have a head to head with two other rods, a TCR with the MED and the Echo UD with a 90′ DT on it. I didn’t have time to switch lines and rods but the Outcast consistantly outcast both other lines by quite a margin. Distances were down a bit from yesterday, my best was only 121′, but neither of the other lines went past 119′ and were very inconsistent, often not going over 115′. The Outcast turnover was the key, I think. The other lines tended to pile whereas the Outcast turned over cleanly nearly every time.

 The weather looks set fair for the weekend, I intend to mix and match rods and lines and see what happens.

 Mike is hoping to have the line available in a month or so.


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  1. At Last, something new, being helped with the development by a real “geezer”.

    Looking forward to it Mike.

    At the risk of sounding a bit experienced (which I am definitely not) I hope it proves to be better than the Rio Gold or the Snowbee long distance which failed in expert hands compared with the beloved MED.

    How nice it would be to have an alternative.

    Comment by Roger | September 24, 2009 | Reply

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