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The Shootout

I didn’t go to Hungary for the fishing, this time anyway, I went for the casting. Paul had hosted an FFF CCI testing day the previous Tuesday and all the candidates had passed, seven I seem to recall. An amazing strike rate by any standards. Paul only hosted, he did not test. Most of these new instructors, and a lot of others, turned up again at the weekend to take part in a shootout. There were a few demo’s, one of which was mine, then, because a few beginners turned up as well, we had an impromptu instructing session. Mark commented later that wasn’t it amazing how all the caster’s wanted to learn presentation casts. Really? I asked, all mine wanted to learn distance!. I guess that’s what I am best known for so I think Paul and I automatically got the distance freaks while Mark and some of the others got the ones that wanted some finesse. Either way, they were all mad keen to learn as much as they could drag out of us. I certainly learned a few things. I had a lesson in Austrian style casting, very elegant and needs some suptle hand movement to get to work properly, beautiful to watch a master at work. Mine was less than beautiful but I am going to work on it.

 We only used three rods for the shootout because there were twenty, or more, casters and at two minutes each it takes time to get through everyone when you take into account that none of the Hungarians or Croatians had done one before. I was grateful I had done some practice and was casting reasonably well, I even managed to beat Paul on one rod. It’s been a while since that’s happened. There was some pretty impressive casting. One thing did strike me though, all the best (distance) casters there watched their backcast.

 Sunday morning saw some real die-hard distance nuts in the field before I had even got up. When I eventually joined them I strung a tape out and we went into some serious distance work. Boy these guys’ are keen. Even with a language barrier they got it, worked on it and several put out new PB’s and were thoroughly chuffed, as was I. The next time I get into a shootout with any of them I had better be firing on all cylinders or my arse will get whipped.

 So that’s Hungary for you, full of mad fly casters and f****** mosquito’s…and Asp…and rose petal Palinka….beer….wine….unicum…and f****** mosquito’s. Can’t wait for the next time


August 28, 2009 - Posted by | Distance casting, fly casting, Flycasting instruction

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