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What a weekend. I am back from the first meeting of the Sexyloops Flycasting School in Hungary. What a blast, flycasting, instructing, demonstrating and getting eaten alive by f****** mosquito’s.

 Paul is now based down near the Croation border at Latohegy and has the mighty river Drava running  virtually at the end of his garden. All you need are the wood skills of an Iroquois and the sure footedness of a mountain goat, and the ability to withstand an all out attack by f******  man eating mosquito’s. Of course Paul, Peter and Mark dressed for the occasion, boots, long trousers, long sleeved shirt. I decided that this was manfishing so I was wearing shorts, sandals and short sleeved shirt as I negotiated the hill, woods, stinging nettles and brambles. The f****** mossies were held back in reserve for the main attack later.

 Now, I’m no expert on river’s but the Drava is not the Test. No crystal clear water with the odd rise showing through the trailing ranunculas, no, the mighty Drava is not something I would like to fall into. Dip a toe in the wrong place and you might find yourself getting sucked in and being washed up somewhere in Croatia. We saw evidence that it holds huge Asp, among other things. I say evidence, we never got proof, we were all fishless, but it was exciting, with a few near misses. So exciting in fact that I didn’t notice the first wave of f****** mosquito’s, they soon got my attention though. At one point I didn’t know where my legs started and the f****** mosquito’s began. I am surprised they left me enough blood to have the energy to walk out, fish less, as dusk set in.

 We fly fishers are hard though, we survived to tell the tale.

 More later.


August 27, 2009 - Posted by | fly casting, Fly Fishing, Flycasting instruction

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  1. Ha ha ha! Fantastic post :-)) Have you recovered yet? Not many mozzies now!

    Cheers, Paul

    Comment by Paul | September 21, 2009 | Reply

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