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Getting The Message Over

When instructing there is always the possibility of instructions being misinterpreted by a student. But, you would imagine that when you are, essentially, talking to yourself you would think there is no room for ambiguity. I am living proof that this is not the case. My left hand still refuses to either watch what my right hand is doing or listen to what I tell it to do. This is putting me in a very awkward position, I mean, if I can’t get an instruction across one arm and down the other what hope do I have with with someone standing a few feet away.

 This is so bloody frustrating, I can either get the back cast right and then throw tails on the forward cast or I get the the back cast from Hell and throw a beautiful forward cast. I just cannot get it consistently right in both directions at the same time.

 Why are you throwing tails? I hear the more astute among you ask. Because my left hand has chronic creep, that’s why. Why it won’t stay back and wait for the line to straighten is a mystery to me, well, not exactly a mystery, just a bit puzzling. I think it has gotten so used to crap back casts that don’t straighten properly that it comes forward too early to try and hit the cast before the line hits the ground, which means I am left with hardly any stroke length to apply proper power with. I filmed a session this morning and the difference between the timing of my right hand compared to my left is quite startling. My right just waits and waits for the line to straighten and then smoothly loads the rod from the get go. My left is half way into the stroke before it acquires the line and is almost shock loaded, the result is a huge tail.

 I have gone through all the exercises I would put a student through, pick up and lay downs, side casting, cast lay down cast lay down on the back and forward strokes but it is still not coming together.

 On the other hand, I no longer feel awkward doing the wrong thing with the wrong hand, I am actually starting to feel the haul working properly so not everything is bad news.

 If I can’t get a better quality vid clip done tomorrow I will put the one up on Vimeo that I did today. Lets see if we can’t work out what’s going on.


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