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A Rod For All Seasons

While I am on the subject of rods lets talk about what they can and cannot do, well, what they can’t do anyway. Theycan’t make you a better caster than you already are. That’s a fact, an absolute fact, written in stone.

 But, many of you don’t believe me do you? I recently had a discussion with a pupil, well, he discussed, I listened, because it very soon became clear to me that no matter what I said he didn’t hear it, he was so certain that if he upgraded the rod he was using to the new super dooper model that had just hit the shelves he would add yards to his distance. He then started on about up lining it by one weight so that he could load the rod better, yadda, yadda yadda. He was totally deaf to the idea that he personally was at fault for not being a better caster, probably because I was trying to be a bit diplomatic. What could I do? Well, if I hadn’t been in one of my more mellow moods I might have been a bit more forceful about what a crap caster he was and that  twenty percent of the money he was about to spend (waste) would be better spent by giving it to me in exchange for a few lessons, but no, so I just nodded and found an excuse to go somewhere else as soon as possible. I later saw him giving another instructor the benefits of his wisdom.

 Now, I am not ignorant of the fact that there is always a doubt in a beginner or even intermediate casters mind that he has reached the limits of the rod he is using. I have been there, done that, and got a cupboard full of five weight rods to prove it. The fact is I could take each and every one of them out into the field and cast them further now than I did when I decided I had reached their limits and needed an upgrade. 

 OK, I can’t deny that some rods are better suited to distance than others, but, how many of you are interested in pure distance? Not many, you just want to use the equipment more efficiently with the added bonus of gaining a few feet.

 One of the things that the shootouts with Paul Arden show is that you will cast within a few percent of your casting ability with each and every rod of a particular weight no matter if it’s the dogs bollocks or just a plain dog.

 Only buy a new rod for a specific purpose, just make sure it’s not for more distance, it will only end up in tears.


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