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Value For Money

So, you want a new rod, what do you look for? Me? Value for money comes pretty close to the top of my list, in fact I baulk at spending more than £300, no that’s not true, I really hate spending more that a couple of hundred these days. I just don’t see the point. There are lots low end rods out there that are more than capable of holding their own against their more expensive cousins. I have been sent one on approval to try, it is just a tad under £100 and I am so impressed with it I will be sending the money off  tomorrow. They are even honest enough to have a  ‘made in Korea’ sticker on it. I like that. The hue and cry of a couple of years ago about oriental blanks being rubbish just doesn’t cut it any more. Ok, the rod I am going to buy may be a tiny bit softer that I would ideally like if I was going to push it for pure distance but I am buying it to fish with and use for instructing and I think it is perfect for that, added to that I am quite impressed with the build quality. I am not going to name names, yet, I will give the rod a fair crack first, but if it is as good as I hope then I will give a review.

 I did buy a discounted mid priced rod at the Game Fair. I think it is near the end of that ranges life, that’s why I got it cheap but I did try several rods first and liked it best. Funnily enough I tried this rod a few years ago when they first came out and hated it, now I like it! Life’s like that.

 I do own some top end rods. Like all thoroughbreds they are fragile things, I have broken them regularly over the last few years, however, they are primarily distance rods so take a fair old hammering whenever I feel the need for speed. One in particular I own because in the not too distant past it was the benchmark rod for us distance freaks. All the names used this rod so if you wanted to find out how you ranked up there with the big boys you had to have one.

 When I see a nine foot five weight priced at six hundred pounds, or more, I just can’t help wondering why is it that I could go out and buy a top end computer, or a washing machine, or a television for the same money. Look at the thousands of bits that have to be manufactured and assembled to produce one of those and then look at a nine foot graphite stick with a few bits and bobs glued and whipped on, it just doesn’t add up does it?


July 30, 2009 - Posted by | Distance casting, fly casting, Fly Fishing, Rods

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