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Annus bloody Horribilis

Well, the Queen had one and now fate has decided it’s my turn. This year is just turning into a huge pile of cack and the sooner we start a new one the better I will feel about it.

 Nothing catastrophic, just the steady drip, drip drip of things either not going quite to plan or plain stupidity on my part, The stupid things usually cost money, the plans not falling into place just add to the general feeling that someone is out to get me. I was supposed to be on a freebie fishing in Hampshire today, but, like every other trip down there that I have planned this year ( at least six) something has come up to prevent it. I was even invited to Spain for some casting and fishing, most years that wouldn’t have been a problem, this year, no chance. I doubt I will even get my annual trip to Hungary. Hell, I may not even bother casting at the CLA, I certainly haven’t done any practice for it what with one thing and another.

 The stupid things are financially painful and extremely embarrassing personally. Things like getting a parking ticket and then filling my nearly empty diesel car with four star petrel on the same day cost me the thick end of one thousand pounds. That, coupled with a boiler that packed up plus one or two other things, meant that June proved a very costly month, hense no Spain or Hungary.

 There have been, and will be, some good things about this year, Scotland, my Nieces recent wedding, the successful foray into the public arena for the BFCC, even starting this blog.

 I just wish the annoying little niggles that have seen fit to descend on me this year would bugger off and annoy someone else.

 Sorry about the mildly depressing nature of the post but they say a trouble shared is a trouble halved so if the last five months of the year are only half as irritating as the first seven have been then it will have been worth it.

 Normal service is now resumed.


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  1. Oi Geezer
    Don’t you go wishing away the rest of the year.

    I firmly believe that through positive thinking things will get better, I mean you saw me on Saturday and nicked two of my scotch eggs, so how bad can that be.

    By the way have a look at this for JAT casting video clip


    Scroll right down to the bottom.


    Comment by Roger | July 13, 2009 | Reply

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