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Now then, what to do? This left hand casting business is useful, but not from a practical fishing point of view, (of course it would be if I decide to carry on learning it) but, it is turning into something quite  useful as a teaching aid. Twice in the last couple of weeks I have switched hands while teaching and asked the student to tell me what I am doing wrong and guess what, they can tell me exactly what I am doing wrong. It’s a bit galling that it’s exactly what I have been telling them for the last hour! the difference is they can now see what I see.

 The problem is that by educating my left hand I may (probably will) lose the ability to demonstrate what an awful backcast looks like. Because I really do want to cast properly with my left hand, double haul and all, I may have to then go and take a lesson in how to cast badly so that I can demo it to students.

 I have a lesson, from someone I respect, most years and this year I have decided that Charles Jardine has drawn the short straw.  Can you imagine the scene, I pull up at chez Jardine, we shake hands and he asks me what do I want to work on and I ask him to teach me half a dozen ways to throw a crap backcast. I have seen Charles cast several times so I know he can do it, but, I bet he had to learn how because once you have learned how to throw a proper backcast  it becomes bloody difficult to deliberately throw a bad one on demand. The one I really want to perfect is the one that looks ok ish to start with but then runs out of steam, opens up and blows back to the caster. That’s a classic.

 Can anyone tell me why hardly anyone watches their backcast asdasdasedwedrfsdfsdfgsdfrgtswdefrswdeaqswdefrzx? (sorry just finished eating a melon and the keys needed a wipe). I really don’t understand it. They are so fixated on the forward cast they totally ignore what is going on behind them. It’s one of life’s mysteries.


July 6, 2009 - Posted by | Flycasting instruction


  1. Before I started to learn to cast at the hands of the BFCC I never really watched my back cast and when I occasionally did I never fully understood what was going on, and in all humility I have still a lot to learn/develop about my back cast.
    The major reason of not really turning my head was stiff neck muscles etc.. in other words it was just not comfortable and at my age (56) only by really “working out” my neck and shoulders muscles/joints on a regular basis can I now watch my back cast comfortably (oh! and reverse my car). It is now a joy to watch my back cast or not as the case may be on a bad day.
    So for me the back cast was really a pain in the neck.

    See you Saturday mike.


    Comment by Roger Miles | July 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. Well I hold my hand up to being one of those who can see what is happening to others but not myself? trouble is most of the time I struggle with timing due to loss of feel! So while the brain is waiting for feel it ognores the visual element?? thats my excuse!! when fishing I only cast to fish I can see and its impossible at least for me to watch the back cast while trying to estimate where I need to cast to! hence crappy backcasts but ok ish forward casts.and if I can steal someone elses excuse I am older than 56 years so its even more difficult for me LoL


    Comment by Alan | July 13, 2009 | Reply

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