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I’m talking to the hand, it just ain’t listening

I suppose I always knew it was happening but I have discovered my left hand doesn’t know what my right hand is doing, in fact my left hand has a mind of it’s own. It completely ignores the instructions my brain are giving it. My forward loops are quite nice but my backcast loops are rubbish, I swap to the right hand to show the left what to do, ‘look, see how easy it is?’, put the rod in my left hand and it’s as if it isn’t listening, it carries on doing the same thing.

 Actually it’s not the hand, that only holds the rod, it’s the wrist that is the problem, it feels weak, which it’s not, it’s just uneducated. Tracking is a nightmare, I even have a problem doing simple pick up and laydowns against a straight line and until I get it right, or at least consistent I won’t get those nice dynamic loops I need to make the haul work.

 I will have to take my own advice and just concentrate on basic technique before I attempt any serious distance stuff. I might even upline by one weight until I can consistantly falsecast 50′ in line.

 Anyway, this is just confirming my suspicion than that the backcast is key to flycasting. My advantage is that I know this, most beginners just don’t appreciate it. They just concentrate on what happens in front of them and are oblivious, or just don’t care, about what happens behind them.

 Best today of 78′, I’m going backwards (again)

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