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More Cack Handidness

I think I am going to enjoy learning to cast left handed. You have to switch off automatic pilot and re engage the brain. It also makes you realise that things are not quite as straight forward as you thought they were. For instance, I can cast nice loops when I don’t haul, I can feel the rod load, I can adjust casting arc and power application but the moment I try and add a double haul it all goes out the window. All feeling, especially on the forward cast, just disappears. I know the reason. It’s because my backcast just isn’t very good. I have the classic beginners problem, whoofy loops. Now, a woofy loop is one that displays several faults, it’s too open, it is not dynamic enough to straighten and the line appears to want to travel is several directions at the same time, ie, crap tracking coupled with a bad stop and rubbish power application. When I switch the rod to my right hand to see what I am doing wrong it is very apparent that I use only half the amount of effort, switch back to left and back off the power and try and relax the arm, ahh, much better. I have discovered a couple of other problems. I don’t drop the rod tip with the line so when I pick up it’s with a load of slack and I have chronic creep. I am beginning to think one reason why people creep is because their backcast is poor and they just start the stroke too early to try and catch it before it hits the ground.

 I started the session at about 60′ but I now have a measured cast as a benchmark, 83′. I have been here before, several years ago, but this time I hope it won’t take me a year to add ten feet, like it did the first time round. With a bit of luck I may hit the ton by the end of the year.

June 20, 2009 - Posted by | Distance casting, fly casting, Flycasting instruction

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