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I need a challenge to get myself interested in casting practice again. I have just been out for my first serious practice for ages, probably since my trip to Scotland and if it hadn’t have been so funny it would have been tragic, I was crap with a capital K. I eventually threw a couple of near 120’s with the help of a following wind but I was struggling to get a decent backcast in, the line is knackered and the handle of my 2TE is so pitted and split I was being distracted by it. Anyway I had soon had enough so I decided to cast left handed (I’m right handed) and things got interesting. I am quite competent with my left hand provided I don’t try and double haul. I can single haul the backcast but I don’t get any feeling in the forward haul. I can’t find the timing, or the feel. I have decided that I am going to teach myself to cast left handed properly. My target is 100ft, which to be honest may be a tad optimistic because my best, at the moment, is around 55ft, although I haven’t put a tape out yet so I may be in for a surprise and find I am at 60ft.

 I would like to just cast with my left hand but I have some competitions coming up and I don’t want to look totally useless, however, these will be out of the way by the end of July and then I will cast left hand only.

 The interesting part is that I can see all the faults I see in other beginners, too much wrist in the wrong place, backcast not dynamic and aimed at the ground etc etc.

 Perhaps I will film my progress and we can have a laugh together, God knows I need one right now after a disastrous couple of weeks with my boiler and car.


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