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Messy Business

Are you organised? Well, aren’t you the lucky one.  Of course I try to be but somehow it never works out. I’ll do it later, not. If, and when, I ever get the urge to tie a fly I just gaze at this mess and I somehow lose the urge. It does get cleared, now and then, I have been known to enter the odd fly tying competition so it has to be clear for that. You may notice a certificate just below and to the left of my FFF CCI cert, that proudly proclaims I came equal 110th in o5/o6. I did a lot better the following year but FF&FT stopped giving certificates so I don’t have the proof, you will just have to take my word on it.garden-0691

This next one is the view over my left shoulder, you can see I have plenty of cupboards and drawers to put stuff in, it just hardly ever gets there. It should look a lot tidier in a day or two because I have to get my gear together for my trip to Scotland next weekend.

 On the subject of fly tying, don’t ever be under the illusion you do it to save money, you don’t. I bet every fly I tie costs two or three times what I could have bought a commercial one for. I have a lifetimes supply of fur, hackles, tinsel, silk, hooks and bits and bobs and I still don’t have that certain something that someone dreams up for their particular tying of a fly, in fact I am usually totally bereft of most of the materials I need for the FF&FT competitions, even though Magnus Angus always assures me I won’t need anything out of the ordinary for the flies he wants tied. This is at a fly show where I can probably get almost anything I want, no, he waits until the fly is published to let me know I need bright red holographic tinsel that takes me weeks to source. I end up scouring every craft shop in the county before I find something that will do ( and end up buying pounds worth of glittery things that ‘may come in useful’ in the process)


my cornerOne day I will get everything back where it should be. One day


April 29, 2009 - Posted by | Fly Fishing, Fly tying

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