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If creep is a villain then Drift is a super hero, he rights the wrongs that creep does.

 Technically Drift is any unpowered movement of the rod, after the stop, either in the direction the line is moving or in the direction of the following stroke.

 !!!!!, yes I see the blank look on your face.

 Drifting is what you do during the pause, that’s why it’s ‘unpowered’, it has no effect on the line, all you are doing is putting the rod in the best position for the following stroke. Mostly this is moving the rod tip up and back a bit to open up the casting angle. This is the creep killer, instead of creeping forwards you have just drifted back and opened up your stroke and killed Insidious Creep and good riddance. I hope (but doubt) we have seen the last of him.

 Drift is the ability to alter your casting angle to suit the conditions you are casting in, lets have a look at a few examples.

 There is a strongish wind coming from behind you so your backcast has to be more powerful than your forward cast will have to be. If you move into your forward stroke from where you finished your back cast your casting angle would be too wide for the amount of power you are going to apply and the tip would travel in a too convex (domed)  path and you would throw a very wide loop (not necessarily a bad thing with a following wind, but we are looking for nice loops this time, alright?). All you have to do is drift the rod forward a little bit as the line goes out behind you  to reduce the casting angle and there you go. Nice loop by the way.

 We have to do just the opposite if the wind is in our face. It’s a relatively gentle backcast and where we stop the rod would leave us with too narrow a casting arc for the powerful forward delivery we want to make so we do the classic up and backwards drift that opens up the casting angle so we can power the line out against the wind without a tailing loop.

 In general the more line we are casting or power we are going to apply the wider we drift in preparation for the next stroke.


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